A & A Home Furniture Kitchen Gadgets, Tools and Hardwares  
Abmarac Corp. Caramba! Chili Rojo, Habanero Pepper Sauce, Chili Fuerte, Tomato Salsa  
Achievers Food and Bakery Ingredients Corporation Chocolate: "Dutche" alkalized cocoa powder, dutche chocolate bars, dutche chocolate chips, dutche choco fudge, dutche choco dip, dutche choco fondue I Baking Ingredients: Apple yeast, Totale bread improver, TP-100 bread improver, Vitapan bread improver, Canyon baking powder, Superdough shortening, Nether bread preservatives, Nrther-C cake preservatives, Butter oil substitute, Superdough shortening, Superdough margarine, Flavor-it, Paste/Fillings, Cake emulsifier, Super "F" Syrup I Bakery equipment: oven, Rack oven, Spiral mixer, Cake mixer, proofer, Cake chiller, Dough sheeter, Dough divider, Dough molder, SS baking trolley, SS tables / sinks, Chicken griller, Dough cutter  
Agay-ayan Multipurpose Cooperative ( RFU X) Cocosugar  
Agrinurture Inc. Coconut water, flavored cocowater, fresh fruit and vegetable, banana cavendish, fresh pineapple, fresh mango, frozen fruit purees, fresh purees Middle East, Canada, Australia, HK, China, Korea, Europe, Japan, Korea, US
Akme Publishing Group Corporation    
Alatone Plastics, Inc. Plastic crates, plastic basins, utility cans, pails, baskets, drawers, trays and poultry equipment, tibe feeder, galloner chick plate, black feeder, live chicken coop  
Alliance Select Foods International, Inc. Salmon and Canned Tuna Singapore, Hong Kong
Amazing Foods Corporation (NCR/ADC Suppliers) Plastic screen, vegetable crates, fruit crates, fish crates, bread / egg trays, tube feeders, waterer, day pld chick crates plastic floor matting, 5 gallon bottle crates, plastic sink  
Amazon Manufacturing Corporation Crates, Bread Trays, Matting  
Ancorp Healthy World, Inc. Agualife 2.0 water system, alkaline water bottle, hot and cold alkaline dispenser, hydrogen water machine  
Andy Albao Corporation Extra virgin coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut milk chocolate powdered drink, coconut chocolate powdered drink Asia, Europe, USA
Angeles City Government Delicacies, bread loaf, processed meat, pastries, craft beer, sylvanas, sansrival, cupcakes, ice cream, leche flan  
Anthropology Resources Inc. Spelor (hard ice cream machine), creamy gelato, Tiber latte condensed milk, Bloom dulce de leche  
Arim's Muscovado Milling Facility _(RFU-V) Sangkaka and muscovado sugar  
Art Tribe Food and Crafts ( RFU XIII - CARAGA) Banana and camote crisps, taro fries, nut krackle, mani oven baked, tablea  
Asuki Weighing System, Inc. Electronic Weighing Scales in Pocket Scale, High Precision and Analytical Balances, Check Weigher, Price Computing, Counting Labeler, Platform, Floor Scale, Hanging and Hog Scale  
B.U. Juan Enterprises Inc. (Commune Cafe+Bar) Philippine coffee and coffee products  
Bahaghari Global Food Inc. Banana chips, vinegar, chili garlic, calamansi juice USA, Middle East, Korea, Canada, North America
Baldomero - Maria Muscovado Milling Corp. ( RFU VI) Muscovado sugar, powder, nuggets  
BCS Systems and Technologies, Inc. POS provider  
Benabaye Primary Multipurpose Cooperative ( RFU VIII) Odong/squash noodle, marinated and deboned bangus  
Bethany Sales, Inc. Frozen vegetables, coconut milk, moringa Juice, polvoron, noodles, snacks USA, Canada, KSA, Kuwait, Singapore, New Zealand
Big Apple Plastic Packaging Plastic and Flexible Manufacturing  
Bigthumb Frozen Corp. Singapore fishball and fishCake  
Bio-Safe Center Nutrition juicers, kitchen knives, pomelo juice  
BiotechJP Corporation Insta Rice (Pre-cooked, packed Rice) Golden Lite (Pre-cooked, calorie-reduced, fiber rich Rice) Echigo (Protein-reduced Rice)  
Bising Trading Post/ EDSA Garden House Adelle ashitaba tea  
Bite Me Up CDO Food Corp. Pasalubong (brownie bites, cashew crunch and crispy brownie  
Black Hair Island, Inc. (Lina Alta) Pure and natural dried stevia leaves  
Blue Sky Trading Co., Inc. Distributor of nutritional products.  
Businesspeople Inc. ( RFU VIII) Ready to drink guyabano  
BusinessWorld Publishing Corporation Newspaper  
Buy n Earn Food Machineries and Technology Inc. Local fabrication of food processing equipment  
Carm Foods Enterprise Assorted smoked & dried fish  
Chapter Coffee Roastery & Café Inc. Coffee beans, coffee roasting, coffee brewing kit & equipment Singapore, Hongkong, USA
Chi Su Taro Trading and Services, Inc. Naturally blended coffee, collected and processed by local farmers Germany, USA
Chocovron Global Corporation "Chocovron" chocolate-coated polvoron, "Manila" polvoron, "Rite Sanck" polvoron stick, and "Nutrivron" Canada, USA, Australia, Qatar
Citrus Island Lemonade Juice, orange juice, calamansi juice, street food (kikiam, fishball, squidball)  
CLP Industries Co., Inc. Metal Fabrication : Slaughterhouse, Poultry Processing Plant, Wastewater Treatment, and other Food Processing Equipment  
Cofta Mouldings Corporation Pallets, plastic packaging  
Colent Marketing Phils. IWATA eveporative air cooler, industrial fan & home & kitchen appliances, DNP Fotolusio digital photo printer, Carimali Espresso coffee machine, Cebo fully automatic coffee machine  
Concept Foods Marketing Corporation Ulalammm (Ready to Eat Ulam) : Ulalammm Sisig na Astig, Ulalammm Adobo Trobol, Ulalammm Whatta Caldereta, Ulalammm Bistek Walastik, Ulalammm Puso kong Dinuguan, Mrs. Choose: spaghetti sauce original tomato sauce  
Condor POS Solutions RP Inc. CPOS brand hardware and consumables, CIMS ET, CIMS Rx, CIMS Retails, CIMS QSR, CIMS Dines and CIMS Kiosk  
Conveying and Packaging Co., Inc. Laser printers, automation, small character continuous inkjet printer, thermal inkjet printer, medium to high resolution, laser marking system, thermal transfer, carton sealer, label applicator  
Cormel Foods ( RFU I) Sukang iloco, basi wine, fruit wine  
Council of Hotel and Restaurant Educators of the Philippines Industry Association  
CU Farm Products ( RFU I) Fresh mango, jam, marmalade  
Cyber Frontier POS Hardware and Software, POS Printer, CCTV Surveillance Camera, Biometrics  
Dakila Trading Corporation Laboratory equipment and laboratory supplies, laboratory design, calibration and testing  
DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. MX3 Capsule plain, MX3 capsule plus, MX3 coffee mix, MX3 tea  
East-West Seed Co., Inc. Hybrid vegetable seeds & OP seeds, hybrid flower seeds and seedlings, vegetable seedlings & ornamentals  
Edisy Trading Corporation Packaging Materials, Customized Stickers  
Elio Philippines Inc. / ELBA Philippines Domestic kitchen appliances  
Employers Confederation of the Philippines    
Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli Fresh noodles and bread  
Eng Seng Food Products (RFU XI) Tower yema, piñato, polvoron, banana chips, frozen durian  
Entom Pest Control & General Services Corp. Pest Control Services, Comprehensive Termite Treatment, Fumigation Services  
Entrepouch Pouch Packaging, stand up pouch, flat pouch (3 side seal), liquid pouch packaging  
Essoils. Inc. Lemongrass iced tea w/ calamansi  
Euroblade Trading High quality & high capacity meat processing equipment, accessories and related consumables  
Excel Systech Corporation Food Containers, Packaging Tape, Marking Tape, Stationery Tape  
Exotic Delicacies of Palawan ( RFU IV-B) Dried fish, dried squid, cashew nuts, kalamansi juice, dalandan juice, banana chips  
FAS Development Corporation Microwavable containers, sticker labels, films  
Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce, Inc.    
Fenor Food Products ( RFU IV-A) Dried fish  
Filpet, Inc. Packaging Materials : PET Bottles and Jars  
First Philippine Scales Weighing Scales  
FranchisingPH Franchising PH  
Fruits of Life, Inc. LIPA Coconut water in PET Bottle, Can and Pail, Bottled Spanish Sardines Canada, USA, Hong Kong, China
GCRM Philippines, Inc. O2linn Soju  
Gem Foods International, Inc. Bottled Fruit Preserves, Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, Marine Products Canada, USA, Middle East, Europe, Asia
GFC Juicery Corporation "Natural Juice" Juices  
Global FoodSolutions, Inc. Bottled Fruit Preserves, Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, Marine Products  
Glorious Industrial & Development Corp. Sweet & Fit Stevia ( Natural Sweetener), Glorious Blend coffee mix & chocomix fruit & plant extract powders  
GMA Network Inc.    
Golden Acres Food Service Corp. Prima taste, scelta, boiron, elgorriaga, mae ploy, my kuali, FIC ice cream, crops, ammerlander and kings coffee  
Golden Beans and Grains Producers Cooperative (RFU III) Ice cream, soy flour  
Golden Hands Mfg. Corp. Bagoong, salted anchovy, anchovies sauce, salted shrimp fry  
Golden Insadong Food Ventures Co. Yakitori and Japanese Rice Toppings  
Goldshine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. JIMM'S Coffee Mix  
Gomeco Group of Companies Kitchen equipment and architectural equipment system for the foodservice, construction and healthcare industries  
Greenpak Enterprise Paper food packaging products: paper cups, meal boxes, paper bags, take-out boxes, wrappers, and other restaurant supplies  
GS1 Philippines    
Gustazo Alimentos Corporation Bottled gourmet dips and spreads Guam, Singapore
Handling Innovation, Inc. Counterbalanced forklifts, warehouse trucks, towing tractors, warehouse rackings  
Heritage Multi Office Products Business solutions provider  
High Top Sure Marketing Inc. Nature organic products, Hyundai water system and India herbs food supplements  
Hi-Las Marketing Corporation Fresh Mango, Dried Mango, Mango Puree, IQF Mango Halves, IQF Mango Dice, IQF Mango Bar, Dried Pineapple, Dried Papaya, Calamansi Puree, Dalandan Puree, Fresh and Frozen Okra Japan, USA, UK, Korea, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands
Holly Farms Fresh and Processed Meat Products  
Hoshicare Healthcare Co.    
Integrated Packaging Corporation Laminated Printed Film, Stand-up Pouch, Shrink Labels, Cup Lids  
Integrity Net Solutions and Services Fastfood Kiosk, Restaurant, Food Cart, Kitchen Display System  
International Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Business services  
Inzpect Technologies, Inc. Original Equipment Machines, Machine Vision and Automation, Inspection System, Equipment Rehabilitation and Integration  
Itemp Holdings Incorporated Racking System : Boltless Shelves, Long Span Shelvings, Platform Trolley, Trolley Ladder, Plastic Bins  
Jae NYC Eats Cakes, Artisanal Twinkies Inspired Cakes US
Jeverps Manufacturing Corporation Excellent flour stick pancit canton, excellent cornstarch stich bihon USA, Canada, Asia, Middle East
JIMAC Incorporated Point of sale system, TS Ceres Pay as you Order POS, RDMS Retail Data Management System  
JK Lalicious Pasalubong and Party Needs (RFU VII) Banana chips, nutti fruitti bar, nangka tart, nangka caramel, suka s tuba, bucayo in four flavors, coco sugar  
JNRM Corporation Mixes, flavors, colors, seasonings USA, Dubai, Canada, China, Malaysia, Thailand
Joy Table Sauce ( RFU XIII - CARAGA) Banana catsup, distilled lemongrass, lemongrass essential oil, lemongrass oil, capsule, calamansi concentrate, calamansi juice  
Justfruit Inc. Freeze-dried fruit, Just mango, Just pineapple, Just banana  
JVC Hengun Advertising LED billboard advertisement, LED wall rental / sale, tarpaulin billboard advertisement  
Kalinga Rice Terraces Farmers Coop (CAR) Heirloom rice  
Kenika Enterprises Kitchen equipment, machines and consumables, wholesale and retail Australia, Malaysia, Cyprus, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Africa, Nigeria, UAE, Dubai, India, Egypt, Vietnam, Uganda, Africa, Jordan
Kettle Foods Corporation Franchising food product  
King Sue Ham & Sausage Co., Inc. Fresh ham, bacon and sausages  
Kitchen Mall (KMC) Corporation Kitchen equipment, stainless steel fabrication  
Kitchen Witchery Food Ventures ( RFU II) Spiced vinegars and hot sauce  
KMK Food Products (RFU II) Gourmet tuyo in olive oil, bangus sardines, pickled bamboo, chili garlic oil  
Komeya Food Products Corporation "Komeya 3Q" bihon, palabok, "Komeya Red Crab" sotanghon and "Komeya Taiwan" Bihon  
LA Distribution Enterprises Tea cubes from Taiwan  
La Top Multipurpose Cooperative (CAR) Organic vegetables and processed products  
Laura's Food Products Corp. Biscuits  
LGU-Daet Pili cookies, pandecillos, uraro, masapodrida, pili roll, pili cluster, pili tart  
LIMGOCHUAONG (LGCO) Enterprises Corporation Kitchenware, tableware, cookware, and kitchen sink  
Liwayway Marketing Corporation Snacks, beverages, biscuits, cereal, powdered juices and coffee USA, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea
Locally - Nutriasia, Inc. Beverage  
LPI Rack range Phils. Corp. Warehouse Racking System, Library Furniture, Supermarket Shelves  
Lugaw ni Bossing Lugaw ni bossing for franchising  
Lynnx Homemade Products ( RFU VII) squash chips, pansit canton, noodles, seeweeds, chips, squash boron, peanut squash roll  
Magpet Agro-Industrial Resources Multipurpose Cooperative (RFU XII) sweetened banana chips  
Majestic Ham & Food Products, Inc. Good sense Calamansi Concentrate, Dalandan Concentrate, Mangosteen Concentrate and Calamansi Extract  
Malaya Business Insight    
Mapagmahal Foods Non-alcoholic beverages, tropical fruit, fruit concentrate juices Canada, USA
MARID (Market Information and Dissemination) Agribusiness Digest    
Marikina Food Corporation Machine-processed and Dried Noodles Asian Countries, Middle East, Europe
MC Master Siomai Hut, Inc. Siomai  
McBride Corporation P.E.T. (Polyethylene Teraphthalate) products  
Mega Fishing Corporation Processed & canned meat & poulty  
Meriz Native Delicacies ( RFU IV-B) Suman sa lihiya, cocojam, cocoflakes, buko jam, ubejam, atsara, sweet and spicy squid  
Mira's Turmeric Products Turmeric tea powder, ginger brew, 12-in-1 herbal tea, malunggay powder  
Modudrive Industrial Corporation Conveying system, packaging equipment, weighing and sorting equipment, bagging and pouch equipment  
Mr. Softy Ice Cream, Inc. Soft serve ice cream  
Newborn Food Products, Inc. LILY's Peanut Butter UK, USA, UAE, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Australia and South East Asian Countries
Ngosiok Marketing ( Super Q ) Machine processed and dried noodles products Middle East, USA, Canada, Asia and Europe
Nisco Philippines Food processing & packaging equipment  
Northern Mindanao Federation ( RFU X) Fresh milk, flavored milk, milk bars, butter, low fat milk, yogurt, gouda cheese, white cheese  
Nutex Equipment Supply Weighing Scale, Food Processing Machinery  
Nutrarich Nutraceutical Innovations (RFU XI)    
Nutri-Booster Foods Phils. (RFU IX) Nutri-booster cereals - for 6 months onwards,nutri-booster banana enriched - for 6 months onwards, chili powder, black rice powder  
Oleolipo Philippines GOLDSERVE Premium Deep Frying, Zero Transfat and Cholesterol-Free Fat  
OM Naturals Trading ( RFU V) Turmeric tea, raw wild honey  
Organique California Food supplement  
Oxford Distributions, Inc. OKF Aloe Vera King Juice, Keiko Candies South Korea, Hong Kong
Pasciolco Agri-Ventures Organic Coconut Jam with Coco Syrup, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Vinegar, Coconut Syrup USA, Europe, Canada, Asian Countries
Phil. Coffee Board Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Philippine coffee  
Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. Business Services  
Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. (Philexport)    
Philippine Okra Producers and Exporters Association Fresh Okra  
Plastimer Industrial Corporation Packaging Materials, Crates, Material Handling Items, Industrial and Custom Moulding Items, Writing Instruments and Polystyrene Food Packaging  
Prince Charles Enterprises Philippines, Inc. Weighing Scales, Packaging Materials, Hotel and Restaurant Supplies  
Pro Possmei International Corp. Milk tea, beverage ingredients  
Prosource International Inc. Virgin coconut oil, organic coconut oil, organic coconut wraps, coconut vinegar, coconut nectar, coconut aminos Japan, Hongkong, USA, Canada, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan
Provincial Government of Benguet Processed foods and organic vegetables  
PSI - Packaging & Integrated Logistics Services Inc. Importer/Supplier of packaging products, service provider/ logistics  
Quality Corrugated Box Manufacturing Corporation Corrugated boxes, pads and partitions, corrugated pallet, paper core/corner angel, flat sheet/single-face  
Queen B Apiaries ( NCR/ADC Suppliers) Honey and by-products  
Ramesh Trading Corporation Houseware, cookware and kitchenware  
Royal Cargo Inc. Marketing of Royal Cargo cool container  
Sagrex Foods inc. Gondel Saba Brand : frozen microwaveable whole and sliced saba bananas; frozen, ready to fry turon with jackfruit; frozen, ready to fry turonitos with jackfruit, purple yam, or pineapple jam  
Sally's Authentic Bicol Express (NCR/ADC Suppliers) Bicol express pork, laing, kinunot and santol, fruit jams, new products: vacuum fried okra and fried carrots  
Sangkutsa Food Products Inc. Pickled mango, pickled relish US, Canada, China, Norway
Sapang Multipurpose Cooperative ( RFU III) Rice, onion, fresh camote, singkamas  
See's International Food Manufacturing Corporation Banana Chips, Dried Fruit Cocktails, Dessicated Coconut USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East
Serenitea Milk tea establishment  
Shashen Mktg. Sponge, chamois, gas saver peeler, chopper, juicer, blender, hose, shower  
Sinlikas Importer/ Exporter Packaging Inc. ( RFU IV-A) Fruits and vegetable juices  
SL Agritech Corporation "DONA MARIA" Jasponica White, Jasponica Brown, Jasponica Plus, Miponica White, Miponica Brown, "WILLY FARMS" WF dinorado, WF jasmine, WF brown, WF long grain Japanese textured rice  
South Carolina Beverages Inc. / Happy Eats Corp. Lick Iced Tea - lemon, apple, raspberry, huckleberry, peach flavors madagascar peanuts by lick stips chips - salted egg, fish skin & chips  
Sparks of Joy Ventures, Inc. Organic healthy vegan artisanal coconut yogurt, Buko Kefir (coconut water kefir), & coconut kefir, Natural no preservatives. Live Probiotics Rich.  
Sunburst Balay Tablea ( RFU VI) Tablea  
Sunlight Foods Corp.  Food preserves (ube, saba, langka)  
Super Bagnet (Kryn Foodhub - Franchise)    
Switchtek Construction Corporation Boiler and retort, calibration laboratory  
Synergy Sales International Corporation Packaging Machines, Food Equipment, Packaging Materials and Supplies  
Take Off Philippines Media/Blog  
The Mushroom Empire Various mushroom products  
TP Food Processing Corporation / Cocoa Monster Chocolate-Coated Dried Mangoes, Tablea, Cocoa Liquor, Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Butter  
Travelife Magazine Travel and lifestyle publication  
Tupi Coffee Growers Association, Inc. RFU XII) Green coffee beans, processed ground coffee  
Universal Canning Inc. (RFU IX) Family's brand sardines and master brand sardines, family's brand fishloaf, master tuna  
Valmarce Food Marketing Corporation Cacao Products : Chocolate Spread, Chocolate Baking Bars, Confection Chocolates, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Tablea USA
Vantage Consulting and Solutions Inc. POS Hardware & Software, Wavesoft WBox POS System, Optimum Control Inventory System  
Virginia Foods Incorporated Hotdogs, Corned Beef, Ham, Bacon Middle East, Dubai
W.L Food Products Beverages, corn and nuts, cornbits, tok-yosan, cornchips, greenpeas line, moncher USA, Middle East, South East Asia, Europe
Waffles & Soda Corporation Purefoods hotdog on stick/ sandwich  
Walvis Corporation Wave Cool, Cookware Set  
Waters Philippines    
Weitex Scale Industries Weighing systems and scales, food equipment, agricultural machineries  
When In Manila    
Yan Yan International Phils Inc. Snacks, choco, beverages and bread China, Taiwan, Saudi, Canada and US