20 APR 2018, FRI
2.30-3.15pm ASPIRE for Agripreneurs: Agribusiness Support for
Promotion of Investments in Regional Expositions

Mr. Roberto C. Amores, President, PHILFOODEX, Inc.
3.30-5.00pm Adapting GS1 Barcodes to your Business
Ms. Stephanie Jill Enriquez, Technical Department, GS1
5.15-6.45pm Financial Assistance for MSMEs
Ms. Jennifer Hernandez, Account Officer, Small Business

21 APR 2018, SAT
10.30-12nn Renewable Energy in Food Manufacturing
Engr. Julius L. Mayorga, Science Research Specialist, DOSTPCIEERD
1.00-2.30pm Threats to Food Business: Problems and Solutions to Food Pathogens (Food Safety)
Mr. Joel A. Yala, President, Chocovron Corporation
3.00-4.30pm Productivity and Innovation: Key to Competitiveness
Mr. Crispin Muyrong, Jr., Operations Manager, Sunlight Foods
5.00-6.30pm Application of the TRAIN Law to the Food Industry
Mr. Leandro Ben M. Robediso, Partner (Tax), KPMG Philippines

22 APR 2018, SUN
1.00-2.30pm Franchising Opportunities in the Philippines
Mr. Joselito Samson, AVP for Consultancy of Francorp
3.00-4.30pm Impact of DOST Set Up Programs to SME Adaptors
Engr. Romelen Tresvalles, Supervising Science Research
5.00-6.30pm Opportunities in Glass; See how good it is in Glass!
Mr. Reynaldo Dantes, Managing Partner,
PSI-Packaging & Integrated Logistics Services, Inc.



12 APR 2018, THU
  Food Styling and Photography (pre-event)
21 APR 2018, SAT
1.00-2.00pm Healthy Pasta (Batch 1)
2.30-3.30pm Healthy Pasta (Batch 2)
4.00-5.00pm Modern Filipino Desserts (Batch 1)
5.30-6.30pm Modern Filipino Desserts (Batch 2)
22 APR 2018, SUN
12.00-1.00pm Mystery Ingredient (Batch 1)
1.30-2.30pm Mystery Ingredient (Batch 2)
3.00-4.00pm Kitchen Masters (Batch 1)
4.30-5.30pm Kitchen Masters (Batch 2)